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13 Gruesome (and Spine-Chilling) Customer Support Horror Stories

13 Gruesome (and Spine-Chilling) Customer Support Horror Stories

Consumer experience is one of opportunity that is exciting organizations in 2020.

And so you would think someplace within a person experience strategy will be a place (or two) on delivering exceptional customer support, wouldn’t you?

I understand I might, and I’m certain many companies do.

Once we celebrate Halloween, now could be the time that is perfect share some gruesome stories across the campfire.

And absolutely nothing delivers a shiver up our spines that can match an individual solution horror tale from hell!

Considering the fact that 68% of clients switch brands due to service that is poor it is just right that we spread these cautionary tales when it comes to good of businesses around the globe.

That is why we have come up with 13 (yes, thirteen. no accident) gruesome customer care horror stories.

a term of caution : this article is certainly not appropriate organizations that currently deliver exemplary solution (I’m evaluating you, Zappos“).

Prepared? Let us get going.

1. The „mind-reading“ sales associate

How frequently can you browse before buying?

A lot of us enjoy a little bit of screen shopping, as well as for business owners that are most, it’s completely appropriate. Continue reading ’13 Gruesome (and Spine-Chilling) Customer Support Horror Stories‘



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