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Why I’ve Officially Given Up On Tinder

Why I’ve Officially Given Up On Tinder

Tinder sucks for most reasons. Whenever software first launched a few years back, I became a myriad of excited. Finally, an app that is dating allowed one to just converse with individuals you felt initial mutual attraction to! (that has been the concept, anyhow.) Well, crap, did that logic ever backfire. I’m formally finished with Tinder — here’s why:

Tinder is not a way that is thoughtf link.

In the beginning, the very thought of finding love on Tinder ended up being exciting, and I also got eternally hopef for and stoked up about each and each solitary date we proceeded. however the more I right swipes I had that never ever generated genuine matches, the greater deflated I became. Wod “We came across on Tinder!” really be the opening speech I want for my wedding someday, anyhow?

My experiences have tainted my optimism

. I’ve gone on numerous dates that are first didn’t cause 2nd times that I’ve completely lost count. I’ve had dates that are great been ghosted, I’ve been blatantly propositioned for intercourse, and I’ve been generally disappointed overall. Continue reading ‚Why I’ve Officially Given Up On Tinder‘