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5 Things Companies Misunderstand About 5G — And Whatever They Really Mean

5 Things Companies Misunderstand About 5G — And Whatever They Really Mean

Businesses small and large should be able to use technology that is 5G improve operations, better serve customers, and leapfrog competitors

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The 5G wave is fast approaching. If you’re not certain exactly what this means, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The next-generation cellular network still remains widely misunderstood despite its ability to change how companies across industries do business.

Many media protection has focused on the technology’s power to deliver quicker speeds—around 20 times that of 4G. But, this only represents one component of the interruption and enterprise abilities that 5G is poised to provide, for Fortune 500 organizations and small enterprises alike.

Below, we unpack the truth behind five common misconceptions about 5G as well as its effect on organizations large and tiny.

1. 5G is about speed.

A lot of the buzz around 5G has focused on the potential to enhance speed. It’s understandable; down load and upload speeds alike on some types of 5G connections will be ridiculously fast—downloading an entire movie in 35 moments, for instance, vs. 27 minutes for an LTE network today that is average.

Yet the interest on rate, while warranted, can detract from 5G’s other, similarly impactful benefits. “5G is a broad and versatile technology. It is perhaps not about a very important factor like rate or one use-case like fixed-wireless access,” says Karri Kuoppamaki, Vice President, Technology Development and Strategy at T-Mobile whom plays a vital part into the company’s 5G implementation. Instead, “it’s about building on which is in place today while during the time that is same it, and maybe moreover, expanding the scope of wireless technologies to new abilities, services, segments, and enterprise services which have certain requirements that today’s technologies don’t address but 5G can.”

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